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Welcome to International Adoption Guide - independent adoption experts who are here to make your dreams of becoming parents true by supporting you on your inter-country adoption journey. 

We provide independent and confidential services that are specifically tailored to you and your particular circumstances.

Our services include initial consultations at the beginning of the process, emotional and practical support during assessment, full facilitation of  your adoption in-country (specific countries), and assistance in bringing your child home. 

There are so many children waiting to be adopted through the robust intercountry adoption process, but many families are fearful and concerned about the complexities of the process and the costs involved. 

We are here to enable you to become a parent to a child in need.

We are honoured to be helping you in your parenting dreams and thank you for the privilege of providing you with our services.

Who we Are

International Adoption Guide

Welcome to the world of creating families through the love of international adoption. 

International Adoption Guide has been working for families adopting children from overseas for over 15 years.

We believe that all children should grow up in loving and supportive families.  It is the most basic and fundamental human right and a right denied to hundreds and thousands of children.

Adoptive parent Cecile Trijssenaar, and international adoption lawyer Carolina Giradella, are experts in the robust and positive inter-country adoption system that allows children to find families outside of their country of birth.

We work with teams of lawyers in-country to provide the most professional and empathetic services to successfully and smoothly bring your child home. 

We can help you at any stage of your adoption process, from initial thoughts to hand holding throughout the entire process. 

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One lady I must refer to at this point is Cecile Trijssenaar who runs the International Adoption guide.  I found Cecile when carrying out research into international adoption at the start of our quest to find our daughter.  As her web pages will tell you, Cecile beat all the odds as a single parent to adopt her child from Russia.  In addition to the strength that I received from my own husband, Cecile was fantastic in supporting me through my adoption journey.  There were times when I wrote to Cecile at very low points, and I distinctly remember one very helpful bit of advice that she once gave me to simply take time to go and walk along the beach and watch the ocean in order to reduce the stress of the process and maintain inner calm and peace of mind.  Cecile’s listening ear was extremely helpful, and I am grateful to her for taking the time to listen when I needed to rant.


I am writing to say a Big Thankyou to you for all the support you have given me on my adoption journey.

It is a process which with your love, support and help has made it possible to go for my dream to create a family this way.

While I was living in London feeling quite alone, it was your encouragement and enthusiasm to go for it - that inspired me to take the initial steps for international adoption.

Your personal experience, depth of knowledge and passion for the whole process is priceless and a gift that I will always treasure.
You bought light to a process and journey which was completely new to me yet you made it simple and inspiring in a genuine loving and professional way.

 Thank you so very much!


Thanks again for all your help, you have been so incredibly informative, helpful and also so inspiring about it all. I have really enjoyed meeting you and learning about adoption through you, has no doubt enriched me. 


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