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Hurrah!  I think that I have finally done it...manoeuvred my way around technology and launched our first Ebook on adoption and international adoption! So excited to finally see it all in print and finished to such a high standard.  I would like to at the very start say thank you so much to Richard of 8 Days Media for sticking with the project and doing such a fine job!  I look forward to seeing what magic he does with the rest of the series.

I wanted to write a series of books about inter-country adoption about 11 years ago, but I was persuaded that it would be better to put all the information up on the internet, which I duly did with This website has served its time and I am very grateful for the many many people who have used it and who have acquired the knowledge that they need in their parenting dreams.

However, as I got busier, holding one on one consultations and seeking working relationships with adoption agents around the world, I never managed to keep the website up to date and it was in danger of falling into the 'another out of date website about adoption'. It also was not addressing everyone's needs, and I would spend half of my day, each day, answering the various email queries that landed in the in-tray. 

So, I decided to rethink everything and put all the knowledge that I have acquired in an easily accessible form, that is current and comprehensive and can be downloaded to be read at your own time and in your own space.  I hope we have succeeded! 

The next few months are totally dedicated to bringing you more books so that you can begin to build your adoption toolbox. Our series of books is going to answer every question that has been asked of me in the last decade!  We are sharing all of our knowledge in a very easy to read format so that the whole mystery and complexity of inter-country adoption can be demystified and made very simple and clear.

We will outline the processes step by step, explore ideas regarding adoption, look at eligibility criteria, explore the processes in country, explain the costs involve etc. The laws will be accessible, you will understand whose who in the process, what is expected of you, what you can expect etc, etc.

The idea is that you can pick and choose which books you want and you can build up your knowledge in the way that you would like to and at a pace that feels right for you.

How exciting!

And in the meantime, I am still doing consultations as working personally with you on your adoption plans, helping identify which countries to adopt from and preparing you for your assessment is the best way that I can empower you to move forward in a timely manner.


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