In Country Facilitation Services

International team of lawyers and facilitators providing unrivalled professional services to manage your adoption in country.

You can adopt from anywhere in the world if the UK have not closed the programmes (Haiti, Guatemala, Nepal, Cambodia) and if you fulfil the country's criteria (and the UK's) and they allow adoptions into the UK.

Some countries only work government to government and others will only work work with adoption agencies registered and authorised in their country, and there is one UK agency who works with a couple of these countries.

In all other cases, you will have to adopt independently through the Central Adoption Authorities and with a team on the ground. 

In several countries we have teams on the ground who can be managing your adoption. These include lawyers who are  qualified in Intercountry Adoption Law as well as the Family Laws of their own country, doctors, translators, interpreters and guides.

You will work though our professional liaison person who will be guiding and supporting you though your entire adoption.

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